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Pressure Washing

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Pressure Washing for Parking Structures & Parking Lots

When your parking structure or lot is clean, your customers will be more likely to park their vehicles there because a clean lot or garage sends a clear message: "This is a safe place to park." Lots and garages that are covered in grime give the appearance of disrepair and neglect. More than that, when the parking floor is covered with oil and grease stains, it can put you at risk for a lawsuit should someone slip and fall. Liquid Sunshine is Portland and Vancouver's expert commercial cleaning service. Our pressure washing and cleaning services provide clean, safe parking lots and structures, so make the cleanest call you'll ever make - call Liquid Sunshine today!

People take their parking spaces seriously. If you’re the one in charge of parking maintenance, you know that shutting down a garage or lot can result in hundreds of angry people who want their spaces back breathing down your neck. Whatever your service — whether you offer parking just for employees or use your lot as a revenue generator —at Liquid SunShine NW we understand that completing your parking garage cleaning right, the first time, is essential.

Liquid SunShine NW knows how to minimize the disruption of our parking lot and garage cleaning services to your facility and tenants. Whether it’s working at midnight or creating a custom plan that fits your needs, we strive to always do what is best for you. In fact, we’ve become so good at what we do, we’ve been asked to travel out of state to help facilities with their specific needs.

Why it Matters

Once a parking structure has already begun to deteriorate, catching up on maintenance can be difficult, time-consuming, and hard on your wallet. Routine maintenance, like regular parking garage cleaning services such as sweeping and pressure washing, has been proven to extend the life of parking garages. By removing oil spills soon after they happen, we prevent oil from setting in and deteriorating the concrete. Periodic sweeping or pressure washing can remove small pebbles, rocks, and other foreign objects, preventing vehicles from grinding debris into the concrete and extending the time you can take between major renovations.

Parking Lot Cleaning That Keeps Your Customers and Employees Safe.

Parking garages get filthy. Car exhaust pollutants accumulate inside parking structures leaving a troubling black film on the floors and walls. More worrisome is the carcinogenic metallic brake dust that can accumulate in enclosed spaces and ultimately impact the respiratory health of those who park there. Routine parking garage cleaning or pressure washing from Liquid SunShine NW helps control brake dust and pollutants, keeping the structure safe for you and your patrons.

Whether you own or operate a parking garage, cleanliness is important for making customers feel comfortable and encouraging them to use your facilities again and again. It’s also important for keeping pedestrians safe and preventing accidents.

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning is a valued service for commercial building clients because it is often times the first area that your customers see. Maintaining clean concrete shows your customers that you care about your property, and ultimately helps attract customers.

In addition, removing dirt, dust and salt will extend the life of the concrete saving money in costly repairs down the road. Our parking garage pressure washing and power cleaning of the external buildings service areas include Portland, Vancouver, Clackamas, Oregon City, Beaverton, Gresham, Hood River, Woodburn, Wilsonville, Aurora, Donald, Salem, Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Woodland, Longview, Kalama, Centralia, and Olympia.

Commercial concrete cleaning involves dry or wet sweeping to remove loose surface dirt, dust and salt. High-pressure washing and sometimes even the use of hot water to remove oil, grease, food waste, gum and walk up traffic stains. We provide cleaning services for parking garages, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, strip malls, restaurants, loading docks, dumpster and trash compactor pads, and any other concrete area that attracts dirt marks, spills and gum.

We understand that our commercial clients are budget-minded, which is why we keep our prices competitive through constant market research and competitor price comparisons. We pride ourselves in completing the work on time and at the quoted price, every time, an attribute that keeps our clients coming back

Whether you own or operate a parking garage, cleanliness is important for making customers feel comfortable and encouraging them to use your facilities again and again. It’s also important for keeping pedestrians safe and preventing accidents.

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