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Pressure Washing

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Selecting a Contractor

Do not choose a contractor based on a single phone call. Instead, invite the contractor to your home or business, and ask for a free estimate; most quality contractors offer them. Free estimates are a great way to test the contractor's knowledge and to see his appearance and professionalism first hand, with no obligations. You will also have a written estimate, so there will not be any overcharges or surprise add-ons.

Do not choose a contractor that uses consumer grade equipment and cleaners. Cheap equipment may be a sign of a "fly-by-night" company. Big, high-dollar, skid-mounted pressure washers are not necessary to do a quality job. But, if the contractor uses the same little 2.2 gallon per minute pressure washer that you saw on sale at the home improvement store, you might want to reconsider hiring him. Most quality contractors use 3.5 to 5.5 gallon per minute cold water units for residential use. If a contractor is using consumer grade equipment, he is probably using consumer grade cleaners, also. House, deck, and concrete cleaners that are sold to consumers have to be safe to handle, therefore, they are not very concentrated or very effective. Contractor grade cleaners sold through distributors are still environmentally safe but are more concentrated and must be handled with care. Contractor grade cleaners are necessary in order to achieve quality results, without using high pressure, which could lead to damage.

Make sure proper insurance is in place. This means actually getting a certificate of insurance, and for larger jobs actually calling to verify actual insurance limits.

Check references; ask for photos of work done that is similar to your project, and how they did it.

When getting an estimate, ask for parameters. "What is the MOST that my project will cost?" If you don’t feel comfortable with the worst-case scenario, then perhaps you should make some more calls.

Habakkuk 3:4

His radiance is like the sunlight; He has rays flashing from His hand, And there is the hiding of His power.